My first contest…

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Thinking back to a lot of things, ine of the most beautiful experiences I had the chance to have has actually been competing against 350 people.
I used to live with my ex girlfriend and I remember I’ve been invited to this event in Milan on Facebook.
It consisted of sending pictures of my hands, both of them obviously, without any ring nor tattoo and it was split into 2 phases. Beauty and use.
Beauty, well it’s pretty clear, right?
A jury made of 23 girls, was inspecting your hands and they were giving points from 1 to 10. I got 210.
I passed the first round and I took with me about 200 aspiring winners.
The use consisted of choosing one of the 23 girls and “masturbate” her.
I had to do this test 3 times. With 3 different girls.
We ended up being 5 participants. What could they do? They created another test with a girl, the girl who organized the event.
I remember that last trial very well.
She was about 5 ft 5, curvy…
A brunette with icy blue eyes that could kill any men who looked at her from head to toe.
What I remember of her was her yellow lipstick.
I got in stage, it was me and her, I was the second to last of us 5 contestants.
She sat on the armchair, spread her legs and told me: COME ON, BOY, GO LOOKING FOR MY OH SO DENSE TEARS!
I knelt down in front of her.
Looking at her in the eyes, without I word, I stripped off of my cardigan and rolled up my sleeves, ever so slowly… and I kept showing my jewel… My hands…
At first I put the thumb of my right hand on her clitoris and I didn’t see any reaction.
So using the index and middle finger of my left hand I uncovered the clit and then with the index finger of my left hand, after wetting it with my tongue, while I still kept my gaze on her eyes, I put it in her love button. I remember it was soft, it smelt good…
That’s when, apparently, she started to like the game.
Once I was able to find the perfecy position I took away my index and middle finger of my left hand. I wet them a little bit and slowly started to wander for her orifice, a little lower.
Her head, hanging low, gave away the gesture and moment were right.
So I slipped in my finger slowly, inch by inch, with the palm of my hand turned downwards…
“The gun” was served. And it was already pretty exciting in its own. But I needed more.


So I stood up, got to her right side, knelt down and shifted my gaze back to her. Her eyes were always there, observing me and my trophies.
The index finger of my left hand went back to look for her wet, excited and puffed by the pleasure clit..
The index finger of my right hand, along with the middle onex were slipping inside her ever so slowly. Just like in an amazing Latin American dance, grinding and entering…
But I had to exaggerate…
So I turned my palm upwards and my fingers curled up looking for her spot of extreme pleasure. I felt her bone ready to get hit by my fingers…
While my hands were working together, synchronized, and her eyes rolled back, giving away her hedonism, she touched, with her hands, my hand, the one on her clit and yelled: BOY, DON’T STOP MOVING THEM!
And I, what could I do? It was a pleasure…
But I knew I could do more…
I still had my thumb, ring and pinky fingers of my right hand free..
In a moment of pure madness, I put took away my hand, spit on every finger and put back in my index and middle finger and tried to use my ring and pinky finger and (with some difficulties) tried to glide over her small hole… She was liking it more and more! So I got up again, put myself back in front of her and I put my left thumb on her clitoris, with my index and ring finger inside of her, looking for her softest spot and the ring finger of my right hand was happily playing with her hole which was relaxing and contracting taking her to a huge orgasm, squirting…
I was sweaty, full of her juice and satisfied.

Points… 10 out of 10…

I never talk bad about my opponents, but about me, I can say I did a pretty great job!