December 7th

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As a personal consideration, let’s start by saying this is one of my favorite practices.
More than an actual practice this is considered a real role play, just like DDLG and MEDICAL, but with that touch of eroticism the other two miss.

We all know what kitten means, right?
This is a game based on the sexual experience of being treated like a kitten, so the sub needs to act according to it, always following their dom/owner’s orders.
It doesn’t need many tools if not bowls, leashes, collars, revealing clothing but there always should be a tail and fake ears.
The tail is underrated, but seeing a toy plug with a cat tail coming out of the kitten’s butt is something pretty exciting.

The best experience? Letting some milk or anything else fall to the ground and make the kitten “drink” directly from the floor.

To make this game even more interesting, you could use a cage or a carrier. It obviously needs to fit to the kitten. You’re not gonna regret it once you see them inside, looking at you and asking you to come out.
Increasing the pleasure means to get to know each other, not to humiliate!

What do you think? ?