If we could

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We live in an era made of prejudices, false myths and taboos. We’re in 2018 and we still have to get pointed at for who we are and who we’re not.

When I started my journey, a lot of people started looking at me from head to toe thinking I was crazy, someone who was a half mad man in his sexual life, someone who was barely able to get an erection and came way too fast.
Thanks to them, I’m now who I wanted and I’ll always want to be.

But it’d be appropriate for everyone to think about their sexuality lightly, as if going grocery shopping and buying that cake that you know you’re gonna eat tasting the pleasure of getting something special that’s gonna fill your stomach and hips.

My communication guru used to say “people buy with their guts and justify with their head”.

That’s the sexual mistake, or the biggest one human beings make, more generally speaking. There’s nothing as selective and boring as our brain that puts itself between us and our pleasure.

So, if we could, in 2019 let’s try and open up a little bit more about our sexuality and enjoy sex a little more without faking the whole politically correct thing.

“Oh, orgasm! You’re a ray of the divine! Or rather, aren’t you the divine itself?” (Jean-Charles Gervaise de Latouche)