December 8th

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Let’s start by saying that when people associate Bondage to SM, I go crazy cause they’re 2 completely different things starting from the roots, but we’re talking about the same family!
The difference appears cause Bondage is a planet made of sensory games, mental pleasure combined with pain, that, basically, create a high orgasmic point 90% of the times.
SM, well, is a whole other thing!

To cut it down, SM is a technique based on the pain, where the sub gets hit and humiliated by their Owner or, better said, Master/Mistress. It’s a game fully based on submission, more than the loving aspect of the game. It’s a univocal game, intriguing, yes, but vey aggressive.

We already talked about this in the medical post, the tools used are objects created ad hoc to inflict pain.
Then there are sessions of ballbusting (crushing of testicles) or pthe humiliations.

So, please, don’t ask me if I’m into SM anymore! I do Bondage. ?

What do you think?? Are you interested in this topic? Do you want me to elaborate on it?