December 9th

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It’s one of the practices with more of a mental torture, rather than physical or sexual.
It’s about inhibiting the access to sexuality by using tools like chastity belts or suitable gear for this kind of practice.

It’s usually used by MISTRESSES to “educate” their slaves, they put small constrictive cages on their subs’ penis and they turn them on, making them suffer for the constriction.
It’s a practice that falls into SM, but it’s always good to remember that there are very interesting “chastity” games for Bondage, too. “Denying the orgasm” is included in actions linked to chastity.

Tools? Penis cages, chastity belts or anything that could restrain the slaves’ desire. For both women and men.

I’m not really passionate about this practice, but seeing how a mistress can play with their slaves’ mind using this techniques is pretty exciting.

What do you think? ?