Neapolitans (pt. 1)

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Among my fair share of experiences, I enjoy remembering a pretty intriguing situation. My dominating nature, has sometimes made me meet people I’d never had the chance to meet in real life.
I definitely remember one of my experiences with a gay couple, I met them on a meeting chat, both of them were Neapolitans, both of them buff, one with blue eyes and the other one with chestnut eyes. They’re fashion bloggers and they (obviously) work in the fashion world, where they can express themselves as best as they can.
It was a summer night, we’re talking about 2015, I was a very demanding car dealer and my sexuality was pretty poor, to say the least, with my ex girlfriend. We hade a coffee in the same bar known to be a meet up place in the nightlife of Novara, we agree on what to do and off we go. I had my car and they had theirs. I follow them.
I remember during the ride I was overthinking about everything, mainly because I knew I was doing something a little out of the usual, and I wanted to fo it WELL!
We meet up in their driveway, I get out of the car and we get into the elevator. I just remember facing the elevator door and they were turned towards me, checking out my firm butt peeking through my skinny jeans by looking at the mirror. I felt like my presence was very welcome by their bodies as the testosterone was wandering in the air of that elevator, that was, then, saturated with masculine perfume.
So the elevator doors opened up on their floor, we got inside the house and they left me in the living room, looking at their black and white pictures, pictures of a happy couple. What I remember of that room is the softness of that sofa and the lingering smell. It was relaxing. So they got in the living room, we sat at the table and, while sipping a beer, they explained to me what they did in their intimacy. Their favourite game was licking each other everywhere! They defined themselves as “fetishists” and they were overjoyed of their shameless attention towards feet. So, finishing up the last drop of beer, we headed towards their bedroom and i remember that looking at the end of the bed, voluntarily, there were hooks typically used in domination. I found the armchair, eased myself and ordered them to show me what they would’ve been able to do of so exciting and intriguing to each other…

(it continues)