The perfect sub…

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There’s plenty of things I’m madly sure about. She exists and I’ve met her. I don’t think there are stereotypes in my world, but I think it’s the perfect relation between person and dominance that makes of this world the perfect subject. Surely, and I’m fully convinced of it, the perfect sub isn’t skinny, rather she’s a curvy with a lot of bends you can put your hands on.
She has either blue or green eyes, that take your breath away, ready to give you pleasure with every hit. The Lower eyes rule is bullshit to me. I can’t avoid letting her look at me. It boosts my ego up. She’s got pretty hands, to be look at close, held together by a rope and ready to graze your body to let her know you’re there, that you’re ready to get the best of her.
And fundamental thing, colorful hair, She must have it! Ready to be pulled, looked at, observed.. It’s the perfect union between looking and getting looked at. Well, the basic part needs to peek out from the underwear pulled down on the ground, it must be firm, soft.
It has to be able to take the hits and make unique sounds. That sound you’re reminded of every time someone talks to you about BDSM or Bondage. There’s no similar sound in nature. And I’m convinced of it. I usually don’t look at an ass on the streets, it’s not for me. But I observe it and use it when there’s something to play with.

“High heels put the butt on a pedestal, that is its place” – Veronica Webb

But let’s go back to her. She has to be respectful, but with that hair she can do nothing but be a rebel, ready to dare you, put herself in the center of attention and have fun with your being sadistic.

Yeah, I think I know who the perfect sub is.
I hope I don’t lose her on the way, life is full of pitfalls, isn’t it?!