December 11th

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BDSM TECHNIQUE = Waterplay / Water Bondage

It’s a dangerous, to say the least, technique, but still pretty exciting for both.
It wad used during Nazi deportations as a torture.
It’s a practice based on trust, responsibility and attention.
It’s the cousin of “Breathplay”, the have the same tendency linked to the whole “take your breath away” thing, but they have different purposes and structures.
Basically, to cut it down, you use water and every single thing that could “spray” or shake it.

A classic situation of a “water bondage” session is in the shower, with an immobilized bound sub and the shower spray hitting hard on the most sensitive areas.
An extreme situation, instead, could be in a bathtub, with the Dom acting on the bound sub’s mind, shoving the slave’s head under water and taking it out after a few seconds.
A torture situation can be practiced with a wet cloth placed on the, obviously immobilized, sub with water streaming down in said cloth. This gives the feeling of drowning and “complete submission”.

Tools: ROPES, HANDCUFFS, CHAINS, LOCKS (Houdini style), BATHTUBS, SHOWERS, PULLEYS and everything that “sprays”, let it be even a water gun.

I’m gonna say it again, it’s a VERY DANGEROUS practice, so don’t improvise!
There’s a very fine line between “I know how to do it” and “I’ll try”. Stop at the second one trying to achieve the first!

I’m waiting for experiences… ?