The fastest of the sessions

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Who knows me knows I prefer, by far, relationships over sessions. Lasting, engaging and full of dominations made to involve even the most pervert and closed of minds. But once, hyped for the situation I dedicated and focused all my attentions towards my sub. And that’s what I did!
She found me on an English meeting website, on which I remember I created a profile a few months back, but I logged in only once. On that profile I didn’t have anything but an Italian flag and a picture of me, in my underwear.
The girl was living in Milan, she was a very pretty 24 year-old, she had blue eyes and brown hair, she was from Lecce. She had this Milanese accent mixed with the southern one and it was pretty annoying, but she knew very well the meaning of BDSM and she knew how to turn on any man on the face of the Earth.
So we decided to meet in Duomo square, in Milan, home of the “passionate kiss under the Madonnina”. She offered to pay for the appetizer of Campari Terrace and then we went off to Visconti Hotel where she was a regular costumer.
Once the initial “I’m going to the bathroom first” awkwardness was gone, the courtship began.
I remember that time I got out of the house with a pair of dark jeans, a white shirt and a light, grey pullover, but as you all can imagine, the only thing I kept on was my pair of jeans and my beloved black leather belt.
She was wearing a grey dress, with long sleeves, with obliques stripes that let you see her curves so well.
I started to play with her mind, licking her neck, looking for the goosebumps I was feeling under my fingers. My teeth were biting and right after I soothed her skin with a hot, wet, full of desire kiss… I got on the bed, got on my knees and invited her to place herself in front of me, in the same exact position, but showing me her back.
I reached out my hand, grabbed the velvet rope and brought her hands behind her back. There was a dim light that let you glimpse that the position she was in was an already lived situation and not in a very distant past, to her. So I started tying her wrists, with strictness and precision, they were tight, very tight.
I step away a few inches and look at her, she’s looking for my body with her eyes and I get to see her profile, it was beautiful, with the eyes of someone who can’t wait to be dominated, caught, captured. I grabbed my whip, bought in a sexy shop around there, made of black leather, with a , just at the touch, very thrilling handle and long, thick fringes.
I start hitting, hard, the right side of that hard butt of hers. She doesn’t flinch, or better still, she makes me understand I should be a little rougher.
So I hit, the second one was harder than the first and she bends over in ecstasy, as in an amazing Doggy-style, with her head sunk in the sheet. And I, with a pleased gaze, I get close to her ear and whisper: “Do I have to keep going?” she answered murmuring and nodding: “Yes!”. I stepped away from her ear, grabbed her by her hair and told her, looking in her eyes: “I didn’t hear you! Do i have to keep going?” and she answered loudly with a stern and challenging tone: “Yes, sir!”. Grasping her hair thight in my hand, I hit her once again looking into her eyes and she closed them as a sign of pleasure and nibbled on her lips. Caught in the moment, I hit her 3 or 4 more times…

I felt her heart rate increasing and her breath getting heavy.

I untied her, time was almost up. But I pulled her up, got her on her feet, turned her with her hands pressed to the wal right above her head and seeing her beautiful, firm butt that was asking to feel good, I started unfastening the belt and out my hand on her pleasure. It was awesome hearing her moan with every touch.
I took my belt out of every loop of my pants, I moved beside her and told her: “I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH TIME WE HAVE LEFT OR HOW LITTLE PLEASURE I’VE GIVEN YOU, FROM NOW ON, YOU ARE CALLING ME “SIR”” and with a well done stroke, I hit her on the whole width of her butt, exciting, to put it mildly. The red marks started showing up and I couldn’t stop there. I kept hitting her, with my hands in her hair and occasionally soothing the lines left by my hits, with my lips and my tongue, up to there, verbal pleasure.

At one point, her phone rang, time was up… for her… BUT NOT FOR ME…
“Hello! Yeah hi!” and my hand were sneaking inside her pleasure as in a game with no end…
“Yeah, I’m coming!” and my whip was marking the time of a game that had to stop…
“Ok, I’mma be there, see you later!” and I snatched her phone and threw it on the bed, I turned her back in her original position, with her hands on the wall. With my left hand I shut her moth and with my right hand, my fingers were creating pleasure, faster and faster, always more… MINE…
I felt her shaking under my movements, until she started screaming and yelling and reached the orgasm. It was intense, really intense…
We left with the promise of seeing each other, sooner or later. Who knows.

The one thing she understood is never ever answer the phone when I’m there, it could be dangerous to manage…