December 12th

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BDSM practice : Pissing e Scatting

Let’s start off by saying I’m only going to talk about the first practice! The second one is a consequent practice, not that used and very humiliating.
What’s pissing? A lot of people, when I talk about this topic, the shut their ears and yell “THAT SUCKS”.
It’s a domination based on the pleasure of “dominating” the sub’s body by peeing on it. Often, it’s seen as a disgusting (as I said before) and humiliating practice.
The sub, usually a lover of domination and submission, doesn’t just stop at the body. This practice often ends up with a sort of drink by the sub.

This practice needs to be interpreted as any other BDSM practice, always keep the roles and submitting to the Dom’s rules.

Tools: other than cups to gather the liquids, I don’t think you need anything else.

As I said before, I’m not talking about scattung, there’s no need for that.