My first audition…

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Sometimes I gotta give rise to those who, in my life, have been and will be just temporary. For various reasons.
It was a hot night, as a lot of them, the heating vent under my desk and a lot of dreams in my head.
I looked up at job offers and I got the brilliant idea to take a look at a well known red light film company.
One of the bunch.

I remember I sent my application sort of like this “Hello, I’m S., I’m writing from… I like..” and 2 pictures, ugly as hell, one of which was a shirtless one. Unfortunately, taken by the discouragement, I decided to abandon the idea, as probably I wasn’t the right man for that kind of job. A few years back, though, I met a man who was already working in that world and he helped me out giving me advices on the steps I should’ve taken and sponsored me.
So a few months later, despite my sessions, they called me and asked to meet me. I remember I left Novara saying I was going away for work (but where?) and went to Arezzo. I got off the train and thought that maybe trying it out wasn’t the case… but let’s be honest, who would miss an opportunity like this, being only 25 years old?

I went to address they gave me in the mail, I remember this red building in an almost deserted area. A girl with a pretty voice answered the doorbell. I went up, 2nd floor.

Once I got in front of the door I thought: WHO MADE ME DO THIS?

I opened the door and found a redhead girl, she was very curvy and around my age, she was wearing a little black dress and high heels. Her makeup was perfect. She was a really beautiful woman.
After the initial awkwardness she started telling me about the company and took me to a room where I would’ve had to wait for the producer.

After about half an hour, a coffee drank with a little anxiety, there he comes, the producer. He was a 5ft5 man with tanned skin and grumpy ways. He wa my actual idol, the one I often saw in videos from that film company.
He took me to his office. Despite all those backgrounds, it was a very clean and tidy office, with pictures of him and a lot of pornstars. He even had a picture with Sasha Grey that, to be honest, she could do anything with those eyes of hers but not seeing her in front of a camera!

We start making small talk until the infamous question arrives: “Tell me one thing, how long do you usually last under the sheets? Just sex, not what you normally do”
Taken by the embarrassment, I answered with a dry: “Pretty long, but I can do better…”
He told me to stop there and started seeking for his phone in his pocket, he dialed a number and called a person and what I understood of the whole conversation was: “Yeah, let’s get the studio ready! We’re trying him out!”. So he walked me to another room, inside there was a changing room, soundproof and very dark. Thinking back today to the awkwardness of that day, I think it was an overwhelming emotion!
I put on a mask and got out the back from a door with a writing that said “RECORDING STUDIO” towards something I didn’t know. In this new room there was a bed, a sofa, at least 7 cameras and two showers.
There was me and him. Nobody else. He asked me if I wanted a coffee, the second one, and we sat on the sofa and talked. He asked me if I was using drugs, if I smoked, if I drank alcohol or used any weird cream to keep it hard. I left him speechless! Nothing at all!
So, before starting, he asked me to take 2 pics with his iPhone.
He asked me to take off my shirt and jeans. Luckily I was beautifully hairless!
He said something about my cute back dimples. I thinks he’s been the first man to make me notice them.

10 minutes went by and in the room arrived 3 cameramen, 2 make up artists and a girl with a very revealing top reading “BITCH”, a very short skirt and heels so high that left her butt hanging in the air. She was very Italian with a heavy Bergamo accent. Where she was from, her age and also her name were all beyond my knowledge.
The situation was really hot. And exciting.

Ciak… We start shooting.
Her an I, both wearing a mask, asking thinks to each other. As in every decent porn movie, she’s the one starting…
Looking at the camera she starts going down towards my fly and opening it. I still remember the embarrassment and just thinking about it makes me cringe!

She takes my underwear down and she starts getting closer to that game that, a lot of people know, to me is pretty boring and I could barely keep it alive especially in front of 3 people.
Her tongue was turning me on, I felt her gliding on me. Her hands were really experienced. And this was a lot more than I could’ve imagined.
Her lips go higher, she started playing on my neck and her hands were always there, trying to keep up the “focus”. In the spur of the moment, I, too, started having fun, I got off the bed and took her with me and I place her with her butt in full display towards the camera, doggy style so that who’ll watch the video can see what I saw that time.
I lifted her skirt and I saw a tight butt, ready to be spanked… I started kissing it, nibbling on it and I saw her eyes looking at the wall as it was a normal thing, fake, sure, but normal! Porn was her world, after all!
I take her panties down, making them slide down her legs, and sometimes peering at her face… She was ready…
I turn her to the bed and throw her down, grab her legs and spread them in my presence. I kneel down, on the floor and I slowly start licking her pleasure… I felt something was starting to change and her face was getting red.
Giving a quick glance at the director, I see his satisfied expression while he was talking to the cameraman. And I was more satisfied than him. My hands were my strong suit, and I knew it!
I strated touching her gently on her clit and she was barely able to contain her pleasure.
I got in my usual position, on her left side, knelt down, ready to give her pleasure. I took her legs up on the bed and the camera was filming my hands on her warm pleasure.
My mouth was on her nipples, they were soft and swollen. Thinking about having her in my fingers was driving me nuts. It was pleasing.
She was seeking my pleasure with her hands and uselessly trying to take it to her mouth… It was exciting seeing the more she tried the less she could it.
My left hand moved her face and got on her mouth and she started liking my fingers as they were something ore. I was looking at her through that mask, her eyes were psyched up, full of sex.
I shut her mouth and slipped my fingers inside of her, feeling her often closing up due to the pleasure. Her eyes were talking, they were fired up and full of themselves.
The director touched my shoulder and asked to start doing something more. They stopped filming, she asked me to be less vivid as she needed to participate with more consciousness. I took my fingers out, it was like a lake, of pleasure, that I still remember to this day as an awesome sensation.
The director began with a: “Simone, now, make sure not last less than half an hour or you’re gonna disappoint me! Starting in 5 minutes!”

Those infinite 5 minutes, turned to motivation.
Off we go! I was standing, she was kneeling in front of me, and she was making my pleasure disappear into her mouth. And I was trying to fake it, in vain. 2 minutes. I touch her hair, grab it, take her up to my face, grab her by the neck, turn her doggy style and push her back down and I slowly get in. I had her body and her tattoo (a light blue dragon behind her left shoulder) that almost looked like they were challenging me. And I pushed harder and harder.

She was turning around looking for my eyes and her savoir-faire was inviting me more and more to push.

I grabbed her hair and brought her to me for a very high doggy, it was so high that her shoulders were touching the skin of my chest and my left hand was giving her so much pleasure on that hot clit.
It was fun and exciting feeling her body moves and hit the air and my body. Her hand were uselessly looking for a handhold. It was all superbly exciting.

I got out, pushed her on the bed and she look intrigued by my “taking the lead”, so I circled the bed and getting on it, i dragged her under me and put my pleasure in her mouth, while leaning towards her and using my hands on her clit and seeking her G-spot, I felt her moving and losing her rhythm on me.

This game lasted for 4 hours non stop, of unique positions.
She gestured something to the director and said “STOP!”
She went away with a cameraman and the producer told me: “Simone, I’m giving you half an hour, or you’re out! We can’t stay here 7-8 hours for a movie! I can’t make a film just for you!”
I nodded and focused,

She got back in the room, looking like she just finished a marathon, exhausted by the moment and everything we’d just done.

We started again, it lasted for 25 minutes, then I grabbed her hair, put her on her knees and exploded in her mouth in front of 3 cameras…

I never saw that film. I just know it was an amazing moment that could be shared… like… here?!