Respecting the rules.

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As in any good game, BDSM has rules too, either written or not, but still rules. One of the strong points of my relationship is exactly obeying the rules. Because yes, I’ve written them down and I demand they get followed. It’s 12 stupid rules that have been copied from 35 others I’ve read in an English book.
I wanted them to be only 12 because I think those are the ones that suit me best. But I think they’re gonna change over time.

But let’s get to the main point. Respecting this rules, takes me and the sub to a synchronized dance, to having fun and get results for both.
It all needs to go hand in hand, or there’s not gonna be a game nor fun. It’s true, though, that not following these rules, leads to a punishment, that, even though the sub might want it, after the umpteenth scolding, it creates a sort of discomfort and disappointment in me.
There’s not a sufficiently sadistic side of me to keep overdoing with punishments. I find it boring and disrespectful. Thing also said in the rules.

So, finishing off, there’s no worse thing, for me, than the continuous disrespect of the rules.

Unless, well, you’re doing it on purpose?!