Sense of belonging???

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It’s a consideration I’ve been doing for a lot of time. A while ago I got into this KIK group chat and the topic of the day was:
How much sessions make you lose sense of belonging and how much relationships create this kind of necessity”.
I prefer in the most absolute way relationships over sessions, as these can lead to a real, proper need.
The sense of belonging, I’ve often been told it’s something that needs to be offered. Acceptable but not an opinion I can share from my point of view. The sense of belonging goes along with trust and it needs to be nurtured, created and honored. I could never be the dom of someone who doesn’t belong to me. It’d be like feeling an object under your hands, not a person. The necessity comes from the inside.

My point of view is in any way MY POINT OF VIEW.
I’m ready to talk about it. Who knows