The looks

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By now it’s commonly known, who reads my stories, my considerations, knows I love observing my sub under many points of view.
When others look at their butt, at their curves, I linger on their hands and their eyes.
The truth is I love looking at them. I don’t think I’ve ever had a slave with dark eyes nor I forced them to not look at me. I love seeing them begging me to keep going, and the feeling of it. Looking down to them and seeing, in their eyes the awesome feeling of my hits.

I also love feeling their eyes on me. It’s the best thing of every single session. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing them there, wrists tied up to the front, in their bra or braless, looking at me and see in their eyes the need to do something. Waiting for a gesture, a caress or an order.

The gaze, the eyes. I say this often, I couldn’t want anything more.

The hands, they’ll come later, but the eyes, oh those, yes, I DEMAND THEM ON ME!