“THE” bracelet

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A fundamental part of my relationships is the bracelet.
It has a symbolic value, tied to the wrist after accepting the rules and promises.
A sort of ring for the sub.
When I started tying my first bracelet, I felt all-powerful, not or the dominating a person or keeping them handcuffed, thing, but more for the pleasure of sometimes remembering that that bracelet can’t be taken off and that any glance at it, even a quick one, can remind things. The colors must obligatory be recognized in the “HANKY” code, where to every tendency there’s a clear and UNIVOCAL corresponding color. I normally use 3 colors for every bracelet.
The main and dominating color is always fuchsia for my subs as it clearly represents spanking and hit submission. I can’t deny I sometimes make hemp rope bracelets too. They’re way more “basic” but with an extravagant and way deeper effect.

Before all of this, though, there are strict rules that must be respected, conditions to be talked about and respected by both. Because, yes, I’m the dominator of the game, but I, too, have to follow certain conditions.

If it’s actually true that to keep a person constricted during sessions you only need a rope, why not sign the pact or the promise of obeying the rules with a bracelet?
It’s just a symbolic thing, but as someone knows, once you cut it, it’s over!