The entry door

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When I have to talk about BDSM, I’m always very careful to what I say and how I say it.
Sometimes I’ve been told there’s no other topic as interesting as this to talk about with me as BDSM. I’m serious when I talk about it, I often play it down, But I’m always on the point.

It’s a matter of style, sometimes even too much.

But as a lot of people know, I got into this weird world. I had a girlfriend, and people know this too.
Unfortunately, being taken, didn’t take away my chances to live exciting situations.
It was the end of October of the far 2012, I was working for a know car dealership in Novara, when, I got designated by my coworker to show and deliver a Lancia Ypsilon to a Novara middle aged woman. Till here, what was weird about it? It was my job, right?! She gets to the car dealership, says hi to the seller, he introduces me and I take her down, keys in hand, towards her “eggplant” jewel.
We get in the car, I was riding shotgun and she was driving.

During the explanation, I saw her eyes were often lingering in mine, and she kept looking for my gaze.
At one point, she interrupted the explanation putting her hand on my left thigh and told me: “LISTEN, SIMONE, HAVE YOU EVER DOMINATED A WOMAN? YOU KNOW, HITTING HER, FLOGGING HER, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, RIGHT?”. Let’s say I was left pretty shocked. I thought it was one of those tricky questions.
“Well, no! Women shouldn’t even be touched with a flower… That’s what they say right?”
Right there, she grabbed my face, turned her towards her and told me: “WOULD YOU TO IT FOR X EUROS?”. I swallowed and with a broken voice answered: “Yes”.
Happy as ever, she grabbed her phone, asked for my number and sent me the address and the time. I, also caught by the excitement, got out of the car, pointed her at the exit and got back to my desk with a bulge that resembled a canadian tent. Awkward.
Closing time, going home, I was thinking about this opportunity. I got in and told my ex girlfriend that that night I wouldn’t have been home.
We were having some economic issues and any help would’ve been like a godsend!

After dinner, I took a shower and headed out.
During the trip to one side of the city to the other, the thought of not knowing what to do was like a woodworm. But I couldn’t and I wasn’t able to think about anything else.
I get in her driveway, I call her, she opens the door and I head up.
She’s waiting for me at the 4th floor of an eight floor building, her blond hair were hanging down sinuously on her shoulders and breasts, a natural 38C that fit perfectly to her body with those drop-dead curves, despite the age and with the face of someone that know how it was gonna end.
She was wearing make up but not too much, but she was dressed as a real panther looking for something, with her lingerie hidden by a see through vest.
The situation was already intriguing at the hello with 3 kissed and a “I didn’t think you were this tall in the car dealership”.

She shows me her small mansion, but not the bedroom. We sit in the kitchen and, after a coffee, she asks me a very straight forward question: “BUT DON’T YOU EVER GIVE 2 SMACKS TO YOU GIRLFRIEND?”. I have to admit I found myself pretty embarrassed to that question to which I answered: “NO!”, and I’ve actually never done that up until then, mainly because she didn’t want anything to do with such racy things!
SO, she goes to the bathroom, excusing herself for a bit and comes back, she takes my by the hand and leads me to the bedroom, turns on the nightstand lamp and looks at me. I was standing and observing al her bed and I only remember, in the dim lights, I saw 3-4 whips of different dimensions, any kind of dildo and various nipple clamps.

She stood in front of me, put her hands on the bed as in a Doggy-style and exclaimed “WELL, USE YOUR HANDS AND DOMINATE ME, HIT ME!”
I’ll be honest, I think it was one of the most embarrassing situations of my life, I didn’t know what to do. I was fascinated, curious but at the same time I was suspended. Paralyzed!

I gathered up the courage and, open handedly I blew the first hit on her left butt cheek, lightly. The feeling of omnipotence was coming out. She kept asking for more and more, and I accommodated her every request, hitting and hitting always harder, on her pleasure.
I saw her butt cheeks getting red and I felt pain for her, but her undies reminded me that they’d get wetter with every hit.
She reached out and gave me a whip and told me “HIT”. I moved beside her and nonchalantly, I hit her, hard, enough to leave the first real mark and it was starting to turn me on!
I kept going, until I grabbed the first dildo I could find and making vibrate, I put it on her clit through her undies. She was screaming and it kept getting always hotter.
Now, the whip and dildo were only one thing. It went on for at least an hour, until she turned on the bed and told me: “AS A FIRST TIME, NOT BAD. PROMISE I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW, TOO!”.
I answered I didn’t know, grabbed my stuff, said bye and left.

The trip towards home was agonizing. I was crying, because to me all this was super weird. I didn’t stop screaming for a second in the car, but in the end, I solved one of my doubts, one of my turn ons and, why not, also a few economic issues. I still didn’t have anything in my hands, but I had a middle aged woman who wanted a young guy to do things she definitely wouldn’t have done with a man her age.

So yes, this is how I got into this world, by the back door. With a cachet, with a mental pleasure I never thought I could reach and, especially getting to the point of suppressing myself as a MAN, but later finding out and understanding that was my way, getting passionate about this world and doing it without money or profits. Doing what other people would like to do. Nothing more.


Oh, yeah, the following night I went to hers, but that’s another story.