December 24th

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Tomorrow’s Christmas and I’d like to warn you, keep an eye out! Great surprises are coming!

Well, we got to the last tendency, the one that strikes home for me and today being Christmas Eve, I’d like to talk about it with a little more fluency.

It’s definitely “the norm” for the game, that classic Bondage tendency all aspire to. But few people can really fulfill their “need”.

So, in the most technical way, what exactly is MALEDOM? It’s a BDSM tendency where the man dominates, and as such, he’s STRAIGHT.

The usual situation is MAN-WOMAN but a threesome with more WOMEN aren’t disdained.

In my opinion, I think the perfect combo is: MALEDOM / BONDAGE / SPANKING+SENSATION.

What do y’all think about it???