The whip

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When I think about a session, or about something related to BDSM, the first thing that comes to my mind is her.
I remember my first whip so well, I bought in a Decathlon store. One of those you find in the “horseback riding” aisle. It was comfortable, handy and I used it a lot. I really liked it.

I also have very different tastes in whips than the average. Having tried quite a few of them, I can’t say I don’t have any experience in using them, but that I, at least, know most of them.

My favorite is made of pleather, black if possible, for a BDSM related meaning and for elegance. It has to be elegant also when you strike the hit. Or it wouldn’t make sense.
Length is important, depending also from the kind of whip, tailed or flexible, that is, or a “Dressage” whip as my witch likes, long but with a little separate part ready to leave marks.

When I choose it, I have to try out the handle, it must be comfortable and it has to grab the attention when it’s held. After that, I try it on the palm of my hand, and that’s where I feel the sensation left by the sound… of the hit.
The effect that sound has on my mind is undescribable. A replicating it on my sub’s body, is something sensational.

If it’s a tailed whip, it needs to be soft enough so that you can wrap it and comfortable enough to glide on the sub’s back, to leave those chills, before the stroke.
If it’s a long, flexible whip, instead, its final part needs to leave the sub imagining way before you strike the hit and it need to “pat” the body the right way. Making it glide it on the body like the tip of your tongue, I think you get the idea.

Then there are unusual whips, that are not very useful if not to take pictures with the sub facing you, looking at you, with the whip in her mouth. Classic pic for those who wanna overdo.
A long whip, circus style, where space is definitely needed!
They’re not my favourite, but I don’t disdain them.

There are other whips, in soft latex, for nipple and for easier games, but they’re not for me.

To this day I think I’ve seen quite a few whips. But without a good hand, they’re not that useful.
It would be cool to make someone try the effect of having a whip and a paddle (I’ll talk about it) in 2 different hands.

Who knows who’s gonna be the next one. ?