The sought-after.

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I often hear people talking about BDSM as a sexual violence, people that get into BDSM because the don’t know how to “fuck” o because they’re mad.
Well, let’s bust this myth.
There’s no correlation between BDSM and violence, as one of these is based on the principles of SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL, while violence is something that has nothing to do with this. There’s a strong correlation, though, between RELATIONSHIP and BDSM, as, yeah, it’s true that BDSM, just as autoeroticism, you can practice it on your own, but it’s also true that you can experiment way more interesting things than the usual game being 2… Right?!

That’s exactly the reason why I’d like to tell you the story of a girl I’m really connected to for various reasons, a person dear to me that had to be pushed by her friends to get into this world, for a pleasure she knew she was gonna get but she didn’t want to believe me.

I remember I saw her hanging out with her friends, the summer before, and then I looked for her for months on social media, being dead certain about hitting her up a few months later.
I remember our first conversation so clearly:
“I’m a dom… BDSM… And I saw your pictures and thought you have potential… You know what I’m talking about, right?” “Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. But how can you think I have potential?”

From then on explaining how it all went is useless, but she’s been on of my subs that made me think the most, reason the most and grow up the most, even mentally.
And my switch accepted completely, how could I let her go?

The memory’s still engraved… In the car and I tied her belly-up, with her wrists tied to the headrest on the driver’s side. I took her clothes off and I started using my hands on her.
With every movement I saw her move, as she was dancing. It was exciting seeing her wet that seat as she didn’t have anything else to do…
She’s tried a lot of things with me, maybe still not enough, but who knows.

who knows if time will say I’m right or not?!