The new game…

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I’ve already talked about this topic, now it seems just right to give it a follow up. The lady that made me an active player, in this world, didn’t really do anything but make me know more and more about where this UNIVERSE would’ve taken me.

She called me at 6 p.m., I was working. She told me: “I need you to meet some friends of mine that will probably make you their pleasure in person”. I was excited at the idea I could be at the center of attention of even just two women older than me. I knew there wasn’t going to be sex, but only the idea, after a few hits given to her, couldn’t make me more excited!

So at 8:30 p.m., I got to her place. She gave me three kisses, took my jacket off and made me seat at the already laid table. She turned off the lights, lit up a candle and told me: “I need you to relax, you’ll have to work hard in a bit”. She cooked a delicious pasta with clams, followed by a nice glass of that white wine we bought together the week before in a historical winehouse of my city. To finish off: a dish of mussels and dessert. The dinner was, on its own, High in erotic charge. I remember her wrapped up in a skin tight black dress. Her unnatural red hair, loose and wavy on her shoulders; a pair of red high heels on her feet and, her smile on her face… The air was fiery! We got to the moment of coffee, she served it right at the table, accompanied by an icy glass of limoncello.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. “Yes? He’s here, come up!”. I tried hurrying up and finish what was left of my liquor, but she stopped me with a hand telling me: “Stop right there, wait a second”. Four middle aged women got up to the fourth floor; two of them looked like they took really good care of themselves, the other two, instead were showing some sings of the time, there’s very little to say, my mind was already racing!

One of the four women got closer to me, took my glass and came close to my mouth whispering “This will be your pleasure tonight, it’ll be our turn later”. With a hit of her hand, she made me drink it all in a breath, that cold limoncello that, in few seconds, became boiling hot!

I stood up, I looked at them and introduced myself. My age shocked them, but the hostess, in the previous days, ensured to talk me up to them. As she described me, I was the Pleasure in the flesh. They undressed in front of me, they took off their jackets and fur coats and sat on the sofa. They were all wearing skirts, fishnet tights and an impeccable manicure. Three of them had a nice pair of light eyes.

My sub was beside me. She handed me the whip and the collar, she knelt down and begged me to put it on. I didn’t have the right to deny her the pleasure fo feeling mine, despite that new game I was about to start. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up on her feet. She had a daring expression, and that’s exactly where I wanted to take her. While the others were watching the show, I made my sub put her hands on the wall ad, with a lot of strength, I started making my hits fall on her butt. Meanwhile I watched the ladies chattering and getting off from the moment. So I took off my shirt, turned the sub around, put her back on her knees and made her touch me… Her hands were shaking for the pleasure and her face was asking me more hits.

I grabbed her and lead her to the opposite angle of the room making her walk on all fours; her knees were grazing against the floor.
I stepped away and I made her come close, still crawling, while her eyes were looking at me. I knelt down in front of her and made her put her mouth on my body, on my nipples. I started hitting her, hard. I felt her pleasure running down on her skin, a continuos chill. I grabbed her wrists and tied them. I took her to the radiator. I tied her up there: I wanted her to enjoy the show. I tied her ankles so that her legs would stay spread out and ready for my pleasure.

I got closer to the Blonde, Grabbed her, put her doggy-style on the sofa. I started spanking her while her friends where waiting for their turn. I started with my right hand to switch later to my left hand. And then I had an idea. I put them all doggy-style and I started having fun with the whip. To every hit I heard them repeat “Thank you, DOM”. They didn’t do anything but boosting my ego. I got them on their feet and I grabbed the paddle, it was red, with a writing engraved that read “I AM YOUR DOM”, and I started hitting them, one after the other, till the writing showed up, clear, on their light butt cheeks. They kept thanking me at every hit.

I then decided to make them put themselves no the floor, all on their knees, doggy-style, with their butts turned towards me. I took out the hemp rope: 80 m of pure pleasure. I tied their wrists one by one, and, still with the same rope, I tied their ankles too, so that they were immobilized. I grabbed, again the whip and started hitting once more. One of the four women, between one scream and the other, begged me to touch herself.
I made her beg me so much that I hit her so hard I didn’t hear the sound of her voice. I untied her. Her pleasure was dripping to ground. My sub was watching with much joy the monster she had created.

With the same whip, I got close to my slave. I nonchalantly started patting her pleasure with the whip. She was enjoying every hit… and she was thanking me. I untied all the women and took the Blonde. I ordered the other ones to touch one another. I wanted to see their hands glide on their bodies. I brought the Blonde up, grabbed her by her wrists that I stopped behind her back making the rope go around her shoulders. I got close to the door. I opened it and tied the woman there, On her feet, against the door itself. She was looking at me with a satisfied look. I grabbed the whip and hit her on her legs leaving her the first marks. I kept going until I saw two of the other women were kissing. I stopped to look at them.

We were all curious of that “spontaneous” moment. But the situation, in a bit, would’ve slipped from my hands. So I tore them apart, took the Brunette and tied her on the crystal table of the living room, face down, as to trace the shapes of the surface, bound hands and feet at the legs of the table itself. I made the other one lay down on the floor, wrists behind her back, arms tied. The loop of the closure of the rope in her mouth, so that she had to keep her head a little bit back. I got the cotton rope and mummified her legs. The fact that she couldn’t move only created pleasure in her.

The only one missing was the “early” woman. I thought to tie her to the table leg, sitting with her arms up. Fixed to her waist, a microphone vibrator with its head sitting on her already tortured clitoris.

I HAD FULL CONTROL ON ALL OF THEM. Nothing could’ve gone wrong, right?!

I got back my trusted whip and I started, alternately, hitting them all, being pitiless on their bodies marked by the ropes. I untied my sub and put her, naked, on the couch with her legs spread. I moved to face her and I started caressing her hair while, with a hand, I moved her face close to my jeans, making her feel my pleasure through the fabric. She tried, in vain, to reach out with a hand. She got a hit of whip and understood it was an off.limits zone. I kept dominating her. I knew it was the right time for my trophy…

I put myself in the middle of the room and, while everyone was watching, I slowly took off my belt. I folded it in half, made my sub put herself doggy-style and blew my first hit, hard, directly on her butt. She thanked me again. I untied the lady bound to the door, put her doggy-style on the sofa a repeated everything. I did this with all of them. I had five in front of me and my belt was making sounds as never before. It really was too exciting!

With every hit blown, their bodies got redder and redder, despite them asking me always more… way more. I took the lady that asked me before to touch herself. Put her on the ground, doggy-style. Her left hand was touching and stimulating her pleasure. I, while the others were looking at us, got the belt back and hit her buttocks with vehemence, to leave deep marks that felt like scars at the touch. I left a lot of bruises, but she thanked me for every hit she got and for her orgasms.

I looked all of them in the eyes and asked: “DO WE KEEP GOING?”. My sub looked at the clock and answered: “It’s 4! I have to work tomorrow”. The night went by very fast. Just the time to get dressed and for another little show by two women. After that, I ran back home.

A new game, yes, exciting… very!
Who knows if it’ll ever happen again?!