CARSEX… to me…

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When you talk about sex in the car, a lot of people scrunch up their noses and tell me: “IT’S FOR YOUNGSTERS!”.

It’s actually used as a loophole to “do something” when you’re young, but who says that after a certain age you can’t do it anymore? Or, better, who says a car can’t be used to have a little fun?

I think a car could be used on the inside and outside (weather permitting) both to have sex or to end a night out in different ways. One of the most usual carsex positions is on the passenger’s side, her on top. Classic, even for those who already have experience or those just getting the hang of it. But there are millions of different doable positions. A doggy-style for example, or a missionary. The limit is creativity (and how much the couple wants to be a contortionist).

Personal opinion, for both BDSM and sex, I prefer the outside. The contact with nature, makes it even more intimate and more exciting if the partner thinks the same. Obviously!

On the outside you can use the hood, the roof, the doors. Who said a car is only a people means of transport? It could also be of a sexual transportation…

I’m not gonna stay here and tell you off, but careful to fines and charges.

Cause making love is amazing, but doing it safe is another thing ?