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I’ve made a poll that talked exactly about: how to do BDSM and with which manners.
I got the answer but it was close to a tie.

What I think about that?
Well, saying BDSM to me is a life style, is a fact, heard over and over again.
To me roles are vital alse outside of the bedroom, for an actual ROLE talk!

Respect must be there, always and inexorably.
But a sub remains a sub, 24/7.
Ready to give and get pleasure.
I’m talking about mental submission, given by the day, the pleasures and the kind of day.
You can be dominant also in a civil conversation, where voice tones are kept on the low and why not, the dom is fully wrong.
In the end it’s all about understanding our own role and play it out in the best way possible, using everything we need not to let the pleasure fade.

A lot of people ask me: is your wife, and switch, a sub with you?
We are a couple, and even without wanting that, one dominates and the other accepts it. As a good dominator I always try to keep up her intrest in me, to alway create a need for me even on the phone.

It’s a game, a wonderful game. You just need to know the rules. Right?!