How many miles…

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If I have to think about all the miles I’ve travelled for this “world”, I could probably take trips around the globe, for both expenses and distance.

But still I’m happy, because I’ve met interesting people, I’ve seen people that almost surely, I would’ve never met in the real world, with the rythms this historical moment forcecs us to keep up to.

The journey I remember with most joy is the one to Paris. It was infinite, both for execution and for final “pleasure”, but I’ll get a chance to talk about it.
The pleasure of a trip, knowing you’ll get to do what you love the most, repays you completely.

No money can give you back this satisfaction.

The delight in opening the bag, put on the bed whips and ropes and create suspance.
To then grab one of my ropes, court my sub and start playing with her body first, while her eyes fuxed on me are looking for a gesture, a signal.
Once the rope is tight on the wrists, start the ritual.
Swiss knife in my pocket, remmbering the safe-word and ready to play.

In my hands, her pleasure…

What could repay me of all of this if not the pleasure running down her legs?