Spin the bottle…

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As in every group of dudes, I’ve played the “Spin the bottle” game, the one where, all sitting in a circle with a bottle in the middle to spin, depending on where it lands, you have to “do things” with other people.

Up until here, nothing weird, unfortunately, I got dragged into this game by the lady who introduced me to this world of perdition.
It was a night during March, I remember it clearly beauces it was 2 week away from Easter and she invited me to her place. “I have some firends who’d like to meet you, tonight, don’t make me look bad and bring a friend”.

I called my buddy, a 5 foot 9 dude, with blue eyes and red hair named Edoardo.
He, knowing it was going to be only over 50 years old ladies, reluctantly accepted.
We met up at the “Betulle Park”, he got off his car and jumped on mine. He told me: “No fresh meat, then?!” I srìtarted laughing and started the car, destination “Game”.

We got at the Lady’s house, I rang the doorbell and nobody answered. After 3/4 attempts she called me and told me: “I’ll open the door in a second, get up at the second floor instead of the this one! We’re at the neighbour’s!”
I looked straight to Edoardo and rubbed my hands, also because I’d already seen the neighbour and the idea of having her wearing lingerie once again, wwasn’t bad at all!

We got up to the floor, rang the doorbell and the door was opened by a man, he was about 60 and shabby and he told us: “Go into the living room, they’re already waiting for you”. We went along the hallway and once we got to the living room door, I touched the door handle, took a deep breath and went in.

“HERE’S OUR DOM! OOOH WHAT A BUDDY!”, and the got our jackets.

There were 7 ladies, all between 45 to over 60 years old, but magnifically worn.
To simplify and give an idea of how they looked, 4 dark haired (2 blue eyes) and 3 blondes (1 blue/green eye) with a not bad body.

We didn’t have to do anything for the night besides playing “Spin the Bottle” with the only difference that it was pkìlayd in steps switching between me and my friend.

Basically, the 7 old maids in circle, sitting down and us sitting on the sofa, waiting for our turn.

The bottle spins and lands on the landlady and… it was my turn…

It started with a massage, so, getting behind the drawn lady and I masssage until the next turn!
The second round was a make out session, a very very hot one. But not with the others, because the fun side of this game was that the one who got drawn, got all the steps.

But I wanna explain it with a lot of calm.

The third round was, a nipple lick… and the scene was already heating up, when half of them were already in their bras and the other half was still waitng for the massage.
Fourth turn, groping breasts and touching the clitoris.
Fifth round, fingering.
Sixth turn, spanking.
Seventh round, bondage and spanking.
Eighth turn, bondage / spanking / rogue.

Here, let’s stop at the eighth round that already has a lot to say on its own.
They were bound, already beaten and the adding of rogue created a magical effect in the air.
I remember the blonde, a tall drink of water, I grabbed her by the hair, put her on her knees, face down and spanking her on her athletic butt, I was making her crawl on her knees to make her come to me. It was very exciting seeing her suffer from the hits of my hands and seeing her pleasure leave traces on the ground.

Ninth turn, bondage and torture.
By the time we got there, the ropes were already tied with their nipples squeezed between clothes pins, all linked together on a single rope, in another stuffed brassier’s mouth, that was standing up form her position and pulling was yanking away the pins. To then do the same thing on her pussy lips, now so wet they didn’t even hold.

Tenth round, bondage and sensation play.
Bound and blindfolded, with an empty flute-like glass in hand, behind their backs. Feathers, ice, cold fruits and candles. And pleasure flowing on their thighs towards the floor.

Eleventh turn, bondage roplay / harem.
The chosen one had to choose one or more “friends” and be a slave to all of them. The most exciting thing was seeing her mouth full of feminine plasure and seeing her getting off while my whip hit hard on her powerless body.

Twelfth round, bondage hard pleasure.
Tied to the sofa, vibrators and whipping for half an hour, uninterrupted pleasure.

Thirteenth round, Venerate and thank.
On their knees, thanking their Dom, egg vibrator and untying.

Well, after hours and hours of fun, I’m here telling you this story.
It’s been a nice experience, very nice.

I wanted to thank B. for helping me reconstruct that “hot” night. Thank you, really,