What it taught us…

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It’s been months since I wanted to write this post, and I think at the end of 2018, could be the perfect time to do it.

It happens way to often that I tell my stories and I get adressed with the “nickname” of Mister Grey.

Well, know that it kind of annoys me and the reason can be found among my articles, here and three on this blog.

The main reason, though, is given by the main factor.
Mister Christian is a man with early life problems that get unloaded, then, through BDSM. She’s the one in love with him, not the opposite!

What makes a difference bewtween my BDSM from his? Basically everything.
Whe he hits, he does it for HIS OWN MENTAL pleasure, not for hers.
It then became that, but it had to be a role play.

Christian’s Dungeon is a room with ober 700 whips, and different toys.
Very well, remember, you only need 5-6 whips to “play”, there’s no need of a closet full of them.

To add more, the word BONDAGE is used pretty often! Who’s read my blog should already know by heart what it is… right?!
It’s a practice were you ONLY GET TIED, and then other pracitces like waterplay and spanking are combined with it.

So getting back to the question… What makes my way of practising BDSM from his?
Certainly the pleasure needs to be of my sub, not mine.
I certainly don’t make anyone sign anything, there’s a bracelet!
And above all, my mental pleasure is strictly related to my sub’s psychophysical pleasure.

If I really have to give you an advice for a good movie… “THE SECRETARY”!

We’re one day away from the new year. Wait for great things.