Who with a whip… hurts!

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I remember when she called in the middle of the night. The phone was vibrating and I, laying on the bed with my ex, rapidly got up to answer, far from her ears and her light sleep. I ran to the kitchen, closed the door and answered: “HELLO? DO YOU THINK IT’S THE TIME?”
She was in tears, just few words and many screeching wheezes: “We tried, you were right, he’s like the others”.

I’m gonna cut it short. Her, 40 year-old woman, ex sub of my world, decides to step away from me and she falls in love with a man, a DOM, 60 years old, very passionate and determined, mental and really carnal.

“Explain everything, what happened and what you did!” And she told me about this rough “session”, given by the moment and his will to make her reach the safe-word.

I decided to get dressed and meet up with her, the following day, before going to work.
I got there with company’s van, in the city center, and took her in the the fields of novara, got her undressed and saw she was full of bruises. Let’s say it that more than a session, it looked like a real torture!
I grabbed the phone and contacted him, to understand the reason behind that vile and useless gesture and he, making it very clear, told me: “MIND YOUR OWN F***ING BUSINESS!”. Caught by the irritation, I closed the call, made a fake account on facebook and contacted him for days on end.

About a week later, I met him, he was disheartened by the fact that he found me there and not a girl and I convinced him to meet up, me, him and the lady we’re talking about.

We met at the Piranha Motel, he knew I was there to “analyze the situation”, unfortunately I had all my beautiful arsenal with me.
During a conversation with him, he told me he would’ve loved being dominated by a couple and feeling UNIQUE. I didn’t do anything but grant him his most extreme fantasies.

We got inside our room, usual pleasantries like “who’s the first going to the bathroom?”, while she goes to the toilette, we start talking by the in-ground hot tub. In between a “why did you do it and why did you come”, we decide to compete for who was the biggest showing off our skills with BDSM ideas. I was just 26, he was over 60 years old, but you could feel the difference in experience and quality of it!

She came out of the bathroom, with her red lingerie set and gave me her wrists, on her knees. He was upset and asked me to step away and I, I did. I sat on a wickerwork armchair, not too far from them and I observed. She, once in a while, looked at me while he, with his whip, hit her butt, giving her pain and useless “game”.

So, during an aggressive doggy-style, she decides to cut it off by saying: “BUT, AS WE ARE HERE, WHY DON’T YOU LET YOURSELF BE DOMINATED?”, he answered almost scared: “YOU?”
I got up and said: “Well, obviously, I’m not staying here just to see an old man fucking a girl…”. He nodded.

I headed towards my bag and took out my black whip, made of fake leather. The smell of that just cleaned and taken care of leather was unmistakable.
She made her untie herself and tied the man’s wrists behind his back and put him doggy-style, face down touching the bed covers and her hands were touching his shoulders while his head was between her legs. I got close and I started, first of all, making out with her, making him feel how my pleasure was her, not his hairy butt.

I moved from them about 3 feet and started striking my hits, on his right butt cheek and he was screaming, alittle bit of pleasure and a little bit of pain.
His voice was so high that echoed through the room. Her and her smug face, were an exciting contour for the whole context.

I brought him up, she undressed him, naked. I got the penis iron cage out of the bag and she put it on him, as a condom.
Still with his hands tied, I put him in the middle of the room, standing, while I turned on the hot tub with cold water.

I ordered her to kneel down in front of him and start turning on his fetish side, starting with licking his calves to the rise towards his butt. With every lick, I stroke my hits and I saw his toy getting tight in that clamp that was denying his penis to swell. He was panicking, he was dripping sweat and pleasure out of every pore.

She then decided, following my orders, to lick in between the cage grates and the suffering of that pig kept rising while that wet toy coming out of her mouth, was trying to lick… and my whip hit, continuously.

She got up, took the whip out of my hands and started flogging him on his nipples while I was putting on latex gloves.

He face was epic, but full of will to experiment.

The floggings kept getting harder and my hands were firmly hitting his butt, now riddled by the whip hits.

So, caught in the moment, I moved to face them, ordered them to look at me and I calmly unfastened my belt, I folded it in half and went to her, brought her up, took the whip out of her hands, put her beside him, on his left side and I started hitting with the belt. She was always massaging the pig still in the same spot, between the grates of that hell clamp and every once in a while she was kissing him and asking him if he was okay.

I blindfolded him, the hands of her were keeping him tight around his waist and we dropped him in the hot tub, freezing cold and with the the engine still on. He screamed as hard as he could but he couldn’t do anything else… THE PIG:

We took him out, still blindfolded and drying his butt, I kept hitting him withmy belt until he yelled: CIOCCOFRUTTA (the lady’s safe-word) and made me laugh and tumble to the ground amused!

I took his blindfolf off, untied him and looking straight into his eyes I told him: WHO HURTS WITH A WHIP, WITH A BELT GETS HIT!

And I went away.
I’ve never heard of her since then, who knows what she’s up to.

I hope she didn’t find another pig. ?