Broken… Rules…

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Whenever I start approaching to a new kind of realtionship with whoever it may be, both in the BDSM world and human relationship, I set some rules, that vary from pleasure to emotions.
Obviously, these are rules need to be respected not only by me, but they get “passed” to those in front of me, it’s like I impose a game in a sort of hidden way.

In BDSM, though, I have some rules, that must be followed without if’s or but’s.

And I wanted to talk to you, talking about rules, abou a story, an interesting one, at the beginning.

I met this girl on a well known social media platform, her description was intense, interesting.
She doesn’t fit my perfect sub starndards, but her behavior and her curiosity towards my world made me hope well.
She’s from Sicily, hot and very smart.

When I suggested my rules, she disapproved of all of them, saying she would’ve preferred sessions over a relationship.
Up until here, what’s weird?
I denied her a chance.

A few hours later, though, she incited me and I fell in her heat. Her texts were full of need, so I went against my usual self, and I decided to try and take this path, a healthy dose of sessions. Why not?

It was a cold night, I still remember her red nose blending in with her lipstick.

We got up into the room, I decided to undress her and at the best part she stopped me.

My ego was mad, disappointed and I wanted to stab myself so bad for accepting such a thing.
Still, disappointed, I closed the door and wanted to never see her again.

The first rule in BDSM is consensuality! If you don’t want to, don’t incite, don’t start. DON’T DO IT!

Who’s brave enough to break this rule, I don’t think is worthy of staying in my harem.

Peace and Love ❤️