Distance (Poll)

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Relationships are a serious thing, they need to be taken with a grain of salt if you talk about distance.

“Does distance ruin a relationship?”
For the first time after I opened my blog, I wanted to try and ask the social media world and the answer was immidiate.
The majority of people said distamce doesn’t ruin a relationship, insted it strengthens it.
Well, in that case it’s not a short term relationship, rather a long term one.

In my point of view I agree with what the majority answered, I think it in very sentimental way, in that sense.

I think the end result doesn’t create the relationship, distance or not involved, I think it’s the journey that leads to that.

On the other hand, without bases, without roots, a classic retionship couldn’t work.

I thank all those who answered!

Talk to you soon.