The suitcase.

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“What do you have inside that suitcase?”
This is the typical question I get asked by who, curious, knows me in person or on the various social media, where I talk about my world.

It’s an envelope where inside there’s a world on its own.
Inside of it, there are all my tools, if you can call them like that, for my own pleasure and my sub’s.

There’s few people who know what’s inside. Because my suitcase gets opened in relation to who wants to try… Not look!

The 2 zippers that close it, are always facing upwards, because I’m very jealous of who could see inside.

But my current suitcase is one of the ones who had the chance to keep in my perfumes and the ones of my subs’.

I started out with a black bag under the spare wheel.
There, where no one could think of.
I had head-spinning tools; I get chills just thinking about them!
From whips to dildos to sex machines. Opening it was a pleasure.
I think not more than 3 subs have seen the whole content of that. The other ones have only felt, on their skin, the pleasure of having something mine. I mean, coming out of that bag.

And then, for various happenings, after losing it (not my fautl), I decided to slowly re-buy everything.
Staring back from the whips. And a kit, bought on a very well know Chinese, low-cost online store.

It started for the first time with a sub from Livorno, the beginning of the new bag. It was a black bag, symbolizing one of my passions.
There was little inside, but it was enough.

Then it got bigger, becoming a grey backpack.
I bought the 2 hemp ropes (again) and one of my subs had the honor to try it on.
The other ropes… other whips…

So, I got to my suitcase.
Heavy. Always full.

What’s inside of it now?
You only need to find out… No looking, but trying.

In conclusion, I’ll wrap my ropes, clean my whips, tidy it all up and… one zipper at a time, I’ll close it again, leaving inside my pleasure and a new beginning…