Virtual rules

Welcome to the presentation page. Probably if you’re reading it, it’s because I gave you the link. It’s a private link, which basically serves to understand a little more about me. And also to put down some basic rules for fair and explicit coexistence with me and my way of being. Meanwhile, I introduce myself. My name is Simone and I’m from Piedmont (Italy). I am 31 years old and married. I entered the BDSM world in 2012 and from there I never left or managed to go out. At the sessions, I prefer relationships. I don’t need to be addictive using mental and non-mental bondage sessions, an end in itself. If you’re looking for an occasional sun, forget it. If I ask you for a photo, I do it with the intention of creating a report. I’m not interested in intimate photos, photos with uncovered faces or other. Clear is, that for “pleasure” I’d rather give a face to the name that appears to me in chat. I would be a hypocrite to say the opposite. If you receive naked pictures from my contacts, I’m sorry, it’s not me. I never, ever sent nude or erotic photos. So you will never see my private parts. Nor will I ask you for them. The rules are simple: – Respect – Education – Respect of the DOM / sub roles – WANT TO PLAY – Reading the blog I do not deny anyone to return to my harem, it is clear that to enter it I must be sure that I can dedicate my head and body H24 to / my sub. My slogan is “wet pants”, that’s my goal, every day. So, in conclusion, if you want to become a real or virtual diver, you will have to follow the rules and try to be present. And don’t hide yourself. I dedicate my time to you, continuously, you will dedicate yours to me. No discounts or privacy. Otherwise, forget it, really! Greetings … Hot kisses ❤️